Wine sector and business intelligence

How Business Intelligence Can Increase Sales for the Wine Sector

According to Beverage Wholesaler, customer engagement is one key area that the wine sector businesses need to improve upon if they want to increase sales.

So, to gain a larger market share, stakeholders in wine businesses need to prioritize big data analytics that will help them make information about their products reach customers.

We will look at how can BI tools help to target customer engagement and what more could wine business owners do to increase sales?

Mobile BI

Other wineries can copy how a North Carolina wine and beer wholesale company were able to leverage on accessible data to target advertisement at their prospective customers’ mobile devices.

Build on Proven BI Solutions in wine industries

There are big players already serving other businesses in the wine sector. Names like Caron Business Solutions have brilliant readymade solutions that can help to increase sales in the wine business.

No BI tools perform miracles by itself. How it performs in improving sales or not depends on how business owners make sense of the available data. Whether with large data sets or with local data, factors that can improve sales could still be discovered with the right models.

Computer Wine Tasters

Computer-tasting wine may not be a regular phrase you have heard before. The idea of computers aiding in wine tasting may sound like something out of science fiction to many people but BI is already helping computers to discover the best wines.

The idea is that computers may be able to help in producing better quality of wine choice or help in the process of making new wine mixes. It can help make sense of wines that customers mostly opt for, and then learn the flavors in them. Or it can learn about the flavors and ingredients fed into them by winemakers and also learn to decide how good the product will be.

More details on AI training for wine tasting capabilities can be seen at VonVino’s blog. The good reason why AI will do well at this task is that it’s proven to perform well in this type of problem. Just feeding the data about the best wines sold into a database, BI tools can help in digging deeper and faster than human capacity. This kind of discovery can be the biggest source of sales improvement and revenue increase.

The Tastry Sales Solution

Tastry takes advantage of AI technology with Chemistry in its application that promises to recommend wines to customers. Tastry’s products and services also include a very nice dashboard for retailers to use. Tastry’s Kiosk boasts a 5% increase in sales and performed well in improving customer satisfaction when first used.

Tastry offers a good BI product that both retailers and wine lovers will like. The BI user interface and data visualization look clean from the information on their website.

Customer Service, Wine Club, and other factors

BI tools can help determine how new sales channels for wineries expand the data on customers and how the new opportunities can further improve sales. More data about sales mean more potential to find out about what customers like and how to best meet the customers’ needs.

BI can help discover insights into how customer service compared with factors like sales offer and maybe club membership helps increase sales.

More Research into Wine Sales and Market Report Data will improve sales

If you’re in the business of wines, you should see Wine Intelligence for reports. Whether you are a seasoned wine business person or you’re trying to learn a few things about the industry, you should have an idea of the reports overview in the industry.

Wine Intelligence already uses BI tools for reports and from what customers are saying, this may be where most wine business owners need to start. BI tools generally would come with a cost but it will pay off for the investment whether you outsource or buy personalized solutions.